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Website development

From simple Langing pages, business cards, corporate websites, catalogs, to large online stores with cool style and functionality!
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SEO Website Promotion

We bring sites to the TOP (and not clients from ourselves cool) Google, Yandex and even Bing! SEO website promotion for any niche, any language and country!

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contextual advertising

Get leads fast? Contextual advertising in Google and Yandex, supported by remarketing, will help not only to receive new applications, but also to press them to the point of sale!

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Social networks

Targeting ads are hitting (gently) right on target - the client! An excellent marketing tool for products and services of almost any niche, because everything is on Facebook and Instagram!

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Promotion in Western Markets

The idea to sell in the USA, Canada and Europe is one of the best, because the markets are large and solvent! And if you are already "There" then our services under the "Bourges" then what is your business!

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Additional services

You cannot create a website without a domain and hosting, and you cannot build a perfectly working company without CRM systems! We only offer what we ourselves use!

Convenient sites are our profile!

We make websites convenient, easy to use, with responsive design.

Fresh ideas and new solutions!

We use the newest ideas and the most reliable tools to get the best result!

The cost of our solutions and services

calculated individually. Based on market conditions and our professionalism!

Geography of our clients

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our clients


What is the logical structure of the site and why is it needed

The foundation of the site is a properly created structure. However, there is no answer to the question of what it should be. It is only clear that for each project it must be selected strictly individually. There are also certain search engine requirements that you need to follow...

Long-tail SEO - how to promote for low-frequency queries and why you need it

The semantic core of keywords is the basis for website promotion in search engines. The keys themselves are divided into several types according to frequency - the number of requests for a key phrase. Among Internet marketers, they still believe that requests with low frequency or ...

What are outreach links and how to get them

The site needs external links on third-party resources. According to Google's help, they can partly affect the ranking of your resource: “With the help of link-based analysis, you can find out with high accuracy whether a site is really useful and interesting for ...

How to Submit Your Website to Search Engines in 2022

If search engines don't know your site exists, your chances of ranking are not just unlikely; they are equal to zero. But do you still need to submit your site to search engines in 2022? Here's what you'll learn in this guide: Reasons to...

Straight to the Top: 9 Landing Page SEO Features

We tell you how to get the most organics. The trend for creating landing pages does not fade away - 2-3 screens are enough to promote a product or service, and creating a one-page landing page is much easier than bothering with a website. Usually they land on a landing page with contextual and...

Bitrix24 what is it in simple words and what does a business need

Bitrix24 digitizes marketing, sales, task setting and control, internal and external communications, document storage, and automates the company's business processes. Helps to ensure the collection, storage of information about the interaction of employees with customers, colleagues,...

Google search engine filters

The Google search engine has a number of filters that, one way or another, affect the promotion of the site. Google has a lot of filters in total, hundreds, perhaps thousands. This article is about the main filters of the Google search engine, which you should pay attention to when seo...

What is SEO? Why search engine optimization is needed

Promotion, promotion, increasing the visibility of the site in search engines. It's all about SEO.

How to attract buyers to your website? How to increase store sales? Why promote your site?

There are no clients on the site, and you put so much effort into it?
I'll tell you why it is so and what to do.

How to return clients? Repeat or missed sales? Then Remarketing will help you sell

Hey! If you are interested in how to increase sales and return customers to the site, then use contextual advertising and remarketing! It will allow you to return a customer to the site, remind about you and sell, which will make you and him a little more fun! [lyte id = "e06jmg9o6-Y" ...

What is contextual advertising? How much is? How does it work?

If you don't have time to read and study what contextual advertising is, how it works, how much context costs - then watch the video! We tried to tell you about PPC advertising in detail, not boring and quickly. [lyte id = "0n2CV6_F-Sk" ...

Instructions for Asana - simplifying the assignment and control of tasks

In our work, we are extremely open to the client - everyone can see the processes performed by us, as well as I can participate in the discussion of both the creation of a website, and promotion and contextual advertising. The video was recorded primarily for our clients in order to help them quickly understand ...

Mobile First and a new tab in Google Search Console (Web Workshop)

New Tab - Mobile Usability in Google Web Workshop. Now you can understand that from the point of view of Google, it is not convenient and not to please the user who has entered the site from a mobile device. Any site can be made responsive, i.e. works well with mobiles ...

Promotion terms

SEO - website promotion in search engines, by optimizing the existing website, its content, increasing the link mass, improving the use ability. Use ability - ease of use of the site by the user. SMM - Social Media Marketing - the process of increasing the audience ...

Why do you need a website?

Are you interested in increasing the number of clients? Are you interested in the recognition of your brand, product, service? Are you interested in increasing sales? If not, then go to other sections of the site. If you want to be quickly found, known and told by people to each other ...

Why promote your site in search engines?

Your company has just created or already has a website that contains information about your services, products, contact details and other information. Now the question arises - how to convey information about your site, how to quickly and accurately show potential customers that you are ...

How to find out your IP (IP) address?

For Windows XP and earlier: For Windows Vista and Windows 7: Universal method: 1. Press the Winows button on the keyboard (the window on the button), and without releasing the first press the button of the Latin (English) letter R 2. In ...

Support and advice

our clients! Help with the site, analytics and general IT support!


Operational work

The work is done promptly, our clients always know when everything will be ready!

Data analytics

Only on the web and the Internet can you accurately measure the result of work and advertising!

We work using the following services, technologies and tools:

About us

Our company was founded in 2007, the main goal at the beginning was the integration of free software on the territory of the Republic of Moldova.

Quite quickly, from this idea, we grew into a company engaged in full IT support for our clients, because our clients contacted us with all questions - from buying hardware and software, setting up and maintaining computers, setting up networks and servers, to creating web sites, online stores and promoting them - advertising on the Internet, SEO optimization.

For several years now, we have been focusing on Internet marketing - website development, bringing websites to the top - search engine optimization, website promotion - social networks and contextual advertising.

Thanks to the development of the Internet direction, we were able to enter the global market and now our clients are not only from Moldova, but also from Russia, the USA, Kazakhstan, Georgia, Belarus, Italy, Canada and many other countries.

All work is carried out as transparently as possible - we use the Asana system for the participation of all interested parties in the development of the site, site promotion and contextual advertising. Thanks to this, the maximum speed of work is achieved, and we also avoid the loss of any information.

We try to provide all clients with the highest quality service and support, due to which they recommend us!

Konstantin Nakul

Director, Deosebit Service

Still have questions? Let's discuss!