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аудит сайта

Site audit is

  • Identify technical problems Site
  • Identification of site content-related problems
  • Identify site for search requirements shortcomings
  • Search technical error Site
  • Search of content issues
  • Search reference problems
  • Check the speed of the site
  • Check indexing of your site
  • recommendations kontentschiku
  • recommendations programmer

This and much more will help to remove the errors that prevent your site to reach the top and make a profit!

Do you have a website, but it does not grow in the search can not outrun / catch up with the competition? And when the last time you did a site audit?

Making audit of the site you will be able to understand that it is not with the site in terms of both the search engine (Google, Yandex, Bing) and from the point of view of the user, ie, a potential customer!

список пунктов аудита сайта

What is included in the audit of the site?

  • Check the speed of the site
  • Site index stats
  • Search duplicate pages
  • Pages 301 and 302 redirect
  • Check page 404
  • Checking Meta Title headlines
  • Check Descritpion meta descriptions
  • Search pages 4xx, and 5xx codes
  • Checking the robots.txt file
  • Check xml sitemap
  • Search from indexing pages closed
  • Checking versions of the site without the www and the www
  • Check korektno work site with SSL certificate
  • check for the tag rel = “canonical”
  • Checking hreflang tag
  • Check pages for errors and warning W3C
  • Search for broken links
  • Search for pages with large number of CMV external links
  • Analysis page address
  • Find Duplicate title
  • Find duplicate meta tags
  • Search empty alt descriptions
  • Checking the site adaptability
  • and another couple of points – if required or there!

How long does a site audit?

1 to 5 working days , it depends on the size of the site, the quality of hosting works, as well as on your wishes on site audit!

How to make a free website audit?

Simply fill out the brief or call! Order a free audit allows us to understand – there is a problem on the site and in-depth audit of the site.

How much does a complete audit of the site?

50evro on – site audit of the price depends on the size of the site, the site of 5-10 pages will be analyzed faster than the website in 1000!

результат аудита сайта

What do you get for the final audit?

  • Status report site
  • A detailed report on each page
  • The report by the images
  • Report on the speed of the site
  • recommendations programmer
  • Recommendations copywriter / kontentschiku
  • Advice on site

After correcting all errors audit, it is desirable to re-audit to verify the absence of the old mistakes, as well as to check whether new errors appeared.

Whether the site audit is enough to return to the TOP?

Yes, but sometimes, do not forget about:

  • Referential mass – analysis of the reference profile of the site, ie, who, in what quantity and quality of links to a site;
  • Semantic kernel – the list of requests and their correct allocation to the site;
  • Competitor analysis – need to understand why they are higher in the search and what to do to avoid them;
  • and check position of the site – an understanding of what place the site in search, relative to its competitors!

Search engine promotion is a complex of works – on site and off-site!

Call me!