OnSite Optimization

Internal website optimization is

  • Bringing the site to the requirements of search engines
  • Elimination of technical errors of the site
  • Eliminating content problems
  • Eliminating link problems
  • Checking and improving the speed of the site
  • Checking site indexing
  • Checking user behavior on the site
  • Recommendations to everyone involved in the life of the site

this and much more is included in OnPage site optimization, i.e. to work on internal website optimization!

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Why is internal website optimization, or OnPage SEO, so important?

Everything is simple here - no matter how much positive there is outside the site, no matter how many excellent links and articles to your site, search engines (Google, Bing, Yandex, etc.) still first of all look at the site itself, at how it works, what it contains, is it useful to the user, i.e. how important it is in itself!

How to do internal website optimization?
What does OnPage SEO consist of?

Internal website optimization - OnPage SEO 1

Site audit

allows you to look at the site as search engines (Google, Yandex, etc.) and understand if there are problems with meta tags, are there problems with the code, are there problems with media files, what errors with redirects and 404 pages, etc.

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Internal website optimization - OnPage SEO 2

Semantic core (SY)

it is extremely important to collect as complete as possible, corresponding to your business! Missing queries (keywords) is not a luxury, especially in competitive niches. Also, all requests must be correctly distributed across the correct pages.

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Internal website optimization - OnPage SEO 3

Site speed

is now one of the most important factors in SEO. Google has been focusing on site speed for several years now and it is fast sites to put higher! You can increase the speed by different methods - working on a CMS, changing hosting, as well as using various services.

How to check site speed?

Internal website optimization - OnPage SEO 4

Usability analysis

will tell you how people behave on the site and what needs to be corrected for the convenience of using the site, increasing conversions, reducing bounce rates and increasing the time a user spends on the site.
Internal website optimization - OnPage SEO 5

System edits

it is checking and editing - redirects (301,302), SSL certificate operation, website operation with and without WWW, world markup checking, checking for language tags, sitemap and robots.txt file, updates and licenses.
Internal website optimization - OnPage SEO 6

Search engines

Checking for the presence and adding of a site to web workshops of search engines, such as Google Search Console, Yandex Webmaster, etc. Checking and correcting errors, problems with indexing and inconsistencies identified in web workshops of search engines
Internal website optimization - OnPage SEO 7

Checking links

both internal and external. Re-linking the site - i.e. links from the pages of the site to their own pages - increases the time spent on the site, transfers SEO weight. External links must also be correctly spelled out - with or without the nofollow tag.
Internal website optimization - OnPage SEO 8

Editing text content

Correction and rewriting of meta tags - Title (title), Descriptions (description), Keywords (keywords), Editing and correct placement of H1-H6 tags, checking and editing the quality of texts, comparing the amount of text with competitors' sites.
Internal website optimization - OnPage SEO 9

Media content edits

The presence of a variety of content, images, image sliders, videos, tables and interactive modules - allows you to attract visitors, keep them on the site and bring them to the required action, which is extremely important from the point of view of SEO and SEM.
Internal website optimization - OnPage SEO 10

Site re-audit

it is necessary to carry out after the implementation of the edits in order to understand the correctness and completeness of the tasks performed by the programmer, SEO specialist, copywriter and content manager. There is always a chance of new ones appearing or the correctness of fixing old problems.

Internal optimization result:

Internal website optimization

  • Increasing site positions
  • Relevant traffic growth
  • Improving the speed of the site
  • Increase conversions
  • Reducing bounce rate
  • Decrease the cost of clicks in contextual advertising

The price of one-time SEO site optimization:

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