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Contextual advertising Audit

Contextual advertising Audit

  • Conceived where the money in contextual advertising?
  • Customize AdWords or Direct, but are not sure?
  • Doubt in the agency or specialist in contextual advertising?
  • Are all tools used in advertising?
  • Think you receive from contextual advertising can be more?
  • or just want to check if everything is in order?

If you have these or similar questions, then it is necessary to eliminate the doubts and order the audit of the content!

What is included in the audit of contextual advertising?

Account settings

  • Separation by campaign type
  • Separation Targeting
  • Google Analytics, GTM, Yandex Metrika
  • Limits on expenses

Search advertising

  • Keywords
  • Less words
  • Ad groups
  • Ads
  • Settings

Remarketing and retargeting:

  • Keywords
  • Less words
  • Ad groups
  • Ads
  • Settings


  • Goals in Google Analytics
  • Goals Yandex Metrika
  • Google Tag Manager
  • Is there a UTM tags
  • Forms and communication buttons

How much does an audit of contextual advertising?

from 25 €, audit costs are calculated individually. Depends on the depth of analysis, the number of campaigns in account.


How long does the audit of contextual advertising?

3 working days is required to audit specialist content. Period may increase or decrease depending on the volume of work.

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