Creation of online stores 1

Creation of an online store in Moldova

Are you wondering how to get another trading platform without paying rent and avoid huge accompanying expenses?

So you need an online store, because you can sell almost everything on the Internet -

  • Technique
  • Automobiles and parts
  • Clothes, shoes and jewelry
  • Medicines and cosmetics
  • Food
  • and everything that is not prohibited by law!

The advantages of an online store for your client:

There is no queue! Where does it come from on the Internet?

You can study the information in detail, what you buy, compare with other products!
Saving time and effort for purchase and delivery!
Delivery of goods home or to any convenient place, at a convenient time, with all the documents!
Creation of online stores 2

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The advantages of an online store for you:

Creation of online stores 3
The owner is relatively inexpensive to maintain the store!
Analytics of sales and advertising orders, purchases, which goods are ordered more often, at what time, from which cities, where and when the client came!
The assortment of goods is limited only by your imagination!
Payment by card, electronic currency, transfer, cash on delivery!

What a high-quality online store allows:

online store features
Advertise your product;
Quickly add and change products, prices - by unloading from 1C;
"On order" mode for goods;
It is easy to create promotions and sales on the site;
Payment options in cash, card, e-money and transfer;
The customer base is always at hand for quick communication and new offers;

How much does it cost to create an online store:

What do you need to create any website?


Additionally from the selected domain - at least 5$


Additionally from the required package - at least 12$


SSL certificate

Additionally, any site is already required - from 0$!

Make your Landing Page

What is missing in our package options? Contact us and we will put together an option especially for you!

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