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продвижение сайта

Promotion of sites on the Internet:

  • Search promotion;
  • Raising awareness;

Do you have a website or are you just thinking about it, and you are interested in the question – how and where my clients know about my site, where they will go to my site and see the products and services that I provide?

продвижение сайта в интернете

The answer is simple – the site requires Trade!

You can advertise your site and by conventional means – television, radio, flyers, SMS services, mail, telephone calls and other options.

But we can not neglect the most important in the promotion of a site – by internet!

If the users of the network, learn about your site is in the network, as long as they are looking for something or learn from friends – they immediately pass on the link to your site and become familiar with its contents.

This moment is important – people do not need to write the address of a site, do not need to memorize it, and simply clicking on the link to go to the site.

This makes the promotion of sites on the Internet one of the most important methods of website promotion.

We offer the following 3 options of advertising on the Internet:

SEO and Website Optimization

range of works on the site, aimed at increasing the relevance (compliance) of the site rules and the wishes of the search engines

SEM or promotion in search

It works both on a site and off-site to increase its visibility in the search traffic and, as a result, positions in,,, etc..

PPC or Contextual advertising

pay per click advertising, promotion through paid advertising on Google and its banner network, including Youtube

Prices for our services promotion on the Internet:

Feedback from our customers:

Feedback from our customers:
Company IM «Karcher» SRL collaborates with «Deosebit-Service» since 2008. For 10 years, a lot of questions and problems, it was decided, resolved, and hopefully will reshatsyai in the future.

We have opened the online store – in 2014. And before the opening, we absolutely did not raise the question of who will develop a website for us, it will be supported and promoted on the Internet – of course, the team «Deosebit-Service».

Except for the development of the site, the guys have trained our staff work with the system, to advise him on all issues.

In 2018. We began rebranding design online store and move to another platform. The site turned out to modern, convenient and faster and without the weight of SEO!

Whenever we called, we were always helpful and prompt, promptly eliminate the problems in the system, create all the conditions for optimal performance of computers and software.

Our company is located on the user’s service, and it allows us to call anytime our system administrator and his team to solve some of IT-issues.

In short, «Deosebit-Service» – it qualified support and advice on all issues in the area of ​​software, information security and computer technology.

Greeks Igor Director, Karcher SRL

Familiar with the director of the company for a long time, once helped to set up a working laptop.

Since then, more than once asked for help and advice, always help and give good advice, service and set up the computers and technology.

We make a website for us – and advanced it to Google’s top.

Just organized us advertising on the Internet, resulting in new customers to us.

We will continue to work with the company Deosebit-Service!

Alexei Popkov Chief Financial Officer, Universtrans SRL

Great guys, helped me a lot with my Website and SEO. They really know what they are doing.

Highly recommend!

Vadim Kyssa Data Scientist

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