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аудит конкурентов

Audit of competitors is

  • Way to get to know your competitors
  • Understand how and what competitors are doing
  • To understand why the competitors’ sites higher search
  • Understand the weaknesses of your current site
  • Understand the strengths of your site
  • To understand what needs to be done to catch up with competitors
  • and understand what to do to overtake!

competitor analysis will enable you to understand – what to do with your site, where it is necessary to spend time and money, but where it is not necessary!

Often there is a situation when you do a lot for your web project / site, but no it does not manage to catch up with and surpass the competition. What to do in this case?

It is necessary to analyze the competitors’ sites – that is, identify what their site better than yours, why they buy, and you do not have where there are defects in the work?

анализ конкурентов

What is included in the audit of competitors?

  • Analysis of the technical part of the competitors’ sites;
  • Analysis of the content of the sites of competitors;
  • Collect keywords competitors;
  • Analysis competitors reference mass;
  • Analysis of paid advertising and the cost of it;
  • Competitor analysis methods of promotion;
  • Analysis methods and traffic genneratsii of leads;
  • Search used tricks;

How long is an audit of competitors?

2 working days , it depends on the number of competitors in the audit items for the audit, as well as your wishes for the analysis!

How much does an audit of competitors?

from 30euro per competitor – the price depends on the number of audits required parrametrov in analytics competitors.


результат анализа конкурентов

Why do an audit of competitors and that it will give?

  • Understanding the difference in sites
  • Understanding the difference in advertising campaigns
  • Understanding of applicable “hacks”
  • Report on competitors’ advertising costs
  • Understanding what the reference methods used competitors
  • Search Lido generating methods
  • Recommendations for Changes online
  • Recommendations for contextual advertising

and most importantly – about what, and how, to what extent and proportions competitors are doing.

Whether the site audit is enough to return to the TOP?

Yes, but sometimes, do not forget about:

  • Referential mass – analysis of the reference profile of the site, ie, who, in what quantity and quality of links to a site;
  • Semantic kernel – the list of requests and their correct allocation to the site;
  • Competitor analysis – need to understand why they are higher in the search and what to do to avoid them;
  • and check position of the site – an understanding of what place the site in search, relative to its competitors!

Search engine promotion is a complex of works – on site and off-site!

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