Corporate sites 1

Corporate website

or the company's website is a high-quality and detailed presentation of the company on the Internet.

The corporate website of the company provides the following opportunities:

  • Attracting new clients and partners
  • Strengthening relationships with current partners and clients
  • Entering new markets and niches
  • Advertising of goods and services
  • Informing about the life of the company
  • Informing about new vacancies
  • Enhancing the company's image

Corporate website

не большой сайт в 10-15 страниц, информирующий клиентов и партнёров о услугах и товарах компании.

How much does it cost to build a corporate website?

What you need to create a corporate website:

what you need to create a website

Subject - it will be determined what you need a site for;


You can choose a design by looking at examples of our work or a site that you like, and we, for our part, will select several design options for you;


Functionality - to understand what functionality of the site is required;


Prepare content for the site - text, photos, videos, etc. information;

What do you need to create any website?


Additionally from the selected domain - at least 5$


Additionally from the required package - at least 12$


SSL certificate

Additionally, any site is already required - from 0$!

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