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Website maintenance in Moldova

Remember when you made changes to the site? Long?

But it is important to update the company's news, congratulate customers and partners on the holidays, publish information about promotions, update the product and its prices.

Order site support and your site will always be up-to-date, as well as intact and safe!

What is included in the subscription service of the site:

Filling and replacing text

Adding and editing textual information on the site - descriptions of goods, services, news and other pages.

Filling, replacing photos and videos

Adding and replacing photo and video content - galleries, youtube video player, image editing in a graph editor.

Site backup

Creating backup copies - helps to protect the site from hacking and loss of the site and information from it.

Site recovery

In case of errors on the site after working with it, problems with hosting, viruses and hacks, site recovery is quick and painless.

Website consulting

We provide instructions on how to properly work with the site, as well as how best to maintain it.

Hosting and domain monitoring

It is important not to lose your domain due to the banal failure to pay the bill on time, and the same is the story with hosting - your site is stored here!

Communicating with your hosting and domain provider

in a language understandable to providers and us, in order to avoid misunderstandings on both sides and the fastest possible solution to the issue!

Installation of analytics systems

Google Tag Manager, Google Analytics, Yandex Metrika - allow you to improve the work of the site, get statistics on users on the site.

How much does site maintenance cost:


What do we need to maintain the site?

You will need access to the admin panel of the site, access to hosting, as well as information on the domain and hosting.

Is the monthly service payment possible?

Yes, the amount and services are divided into 12 months, you will receive an invoice and invoice for a month.

Still have questions? Let's discuss!