What is SEO? What is search engine promotion? The most concise explanation! dits.md

Website promotion is:

  • Bringing sites to the TOP of Google, Yandex, Bing
  • Increase search (natural) traffic from search
  • Increase in conversions and targeted actions
  • Improving the content of the site
  • Increasing link mass
  • Elimination of technical errors of the site
  • Site indexing improvements
  • Improving Site Usability - Usability
  • Recommendations to everyone involved in the life of the site

this and much more constitutes a complex of works on the promotion and output of the site to the TOP of the search results!

SEO and SEM are two key concepts, and website promotion, bringing it to the top, website promotion are all synonyms of these 2 terms! So what's the difference?

Promotion and output of sites to the TOP - SEO and SEM 1
Promotion and output of sites to the TOP - SEO and SEM 2
Promotion and output of sites to the TOP - SEO and SEM 3
Let me give you an example - you are engaged in furniture, i.e. produce kitchens, doors, cabinets, etc. If you want a person looking for doors in a search engine - Google, Yandex, find you quickly, ie on the first page, in the first places, after he entered "buy doors", then you need to promote the site in about search engines. Your site is a resource of information in the first place and the easier it will be for a search engine to find it, the more relevant and better information on the site will be - the higher your site will be. To understand how much the site is ready for promotion, you need to analyze:

  • Site - speed, texts, images, etc .;
  • External indicators - links, social networks, publications, etc.;
  • Market - how your products and services are sold and advertised;
  • Competitors - what, how and why competitors are doing;
  • Target audience - create a profile of the target buyer;

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At the very beginning, SEO and SEM are recommended to be used together if you want your site to be in the top for keywords, i.e. this will give the maximum result - improving the work of the site, its content, along with increasing the authority of the site, we give an increase in visits and, as a result, an increase in conversions from the site, i.e. increases the profitability of the site.


Growth of site positions in search results for keywords!


Increase targeted site visits by potential customers!


Increase in the number of customers and orders!

SEO stands for Searche Engine Optimization,

those. website optimization for search engines. A search engine is any of the search engines - Google, Yandex, Bing, etc. SEO is setting up and filling the site according to the requirements and rules that are set in front of the site by Google, Yandex, Bing and other search engines. These rules can change over time, i.e. It is important not to stop SEO optimization!

SEM stands for Search Engine Marketing, i.e. search engine marketing site

in order to improve the status of the site by increasing its authority, the number of users and their behavior. This includes building the link mass, seeding content, working with behavioral factors, increasing social signals, attracting site visitors from various sources and much more!

How to optimize your site? What are the stages of SEO and SEM?

Promotion and output of sites to the TOP - SEO and SEM 4

Internal website optimization or OnPage SEO

this is a huge complex of works, it makes up a large part of SEO work, because implies work on the site itself, consists of audits, analytics, work with the site code and its system, as well as site content!

More details here!

Promotion and output of sites to the TOP - SEO and SEM 5

Collecting keywords and expanding the SN

it is extremely important to collect the most complete semantic core (SY) corresponding to your business! You cannot miss key queries (words)! And you also need to correctly distribute all requests to the correct pages.

Order collection of sya

Promotion and output of sites to the TOP - SEO and SEM 6

Competitor analysis - an opportunity to find out

methods used by competitors, what keywords do competitors use to promote, how and what links help them to be in the top, whether they are engaged in social networks and contextual advertising, and much more!

Order a competitor analysis!

Promotion and output of sites to the TOP - SEO and SEM 7

Working with links - internal, external

Analysis of the link mass is necessary in order to understand which links and where are needed by the site, and which links are better to hide or remove, which resources should be linked to the site, and from which ones you need to get a link.

Order a link profile analysis!

Promotion and output of sites to the TOP - SEO and SEM 8

Analysis and verification of site positions

it is an analysis of the site's positions, i.e. where is the site in the search for some of the keys. This gives an understanding of what actions on and off the site led to an increase in positions and sets the vector for the next job!

Order analysis and verification of site positions!

Promotion and output of sites to the TOP - SEO and SEM 9

Working with site analytics - Google Analytics

Yandex Metrica, heat maps are needed to set the goals of website promotion, to understand how users behave on the site, where they came from, whether they have reached the target action.


Install analytics on the site

How long will it take to promote a website?


How long does it take to get a site?

from 3 months - the minimum term for SEO website promotion. During this time, it turns out to collect as much information as possible on the company and competitors, conduct an SEO audit, straighten the site and build a plan for further promotion.

How long does it take to SEO a website?

as long as your site and company will exist! You cannot fix yourself once and for all in top positions in Google and Yandex, your competitors are not asleep and also want to be in the TOP!

How much does SEO website promotion cost?

Below are our prices for promotion in the search. We offer both full promotion - from audits, texts and the growth of SEO mass, and only SEO option - in which the participation of your specialists or additional expenses will be required.

Partial SEO:

Complete SEO:

If our SEO packages are not suitable for you, please contact us for an individual option!

Complite SEO Pro

Any business with an online store. Doing SEO on 100%!
750€/per month
  • fGeneral:
  • ✓ 1 language
  • ∇ Additional language 200 €
  • ✓ Installing Google Tag Manager
  • ✓ Position check - up to 500
  • Working with webmasters:
  • ✓ Google Search Console
  • ✓ Setting up tracking goals (conversions) 
  • ✓ Yandex Webmaster
  • ✓ Bing Webmaster Tools
  • Analytics:
  • ✓ Google Analytics
  • ✓ Yandex Metrica
  • ✓ Bing SEO Analyzer
  • Internal website optimization - OnPage SEO:
  • ✓ Optimization of site pages - up to 100 per month
  • ✓ Optimization of site media files - up to 300 per month
  • ✓ Site audit
  • ✓ Collecting semantics
  • ✓ Expansion SJ
  • ✓ Assignment to copywriter - 10 articles
  • ✓ Article Writing - 10 Articles
  • ✓ Analysis of the copywriter's work
  • ✓ Website speed analytics
  • ✓ Task for the programmer - 1
  • ✓ Work of the programmer * - 5 hours **
  • * If the site system is WordPress
  • ** Hours are summed up in 2 months, additional hours can be purchased
  • ✓ Usability analysis
  • ✓ Analysis of internal links
  • ✓ Content text analysis
  • ✓ Analysis of media content
  • ✓ Analysis of website user behavior
  • ✓ SEO plugin if site system is WordPress
  • External website optimization - OfPage SEO:
  • ✓ Creation of Google My Bussines
  • ✓ Link profile analysis
  • ✓ Competitor audit - 5 per month
  • ✓ Building up the reference mass - up to 20 pieces
  • ✓ Work with paid links (no purchase)
  • ✓ Crowd link building
  • ✓ Seeding Articles

Programmatic site edits

will be needed based on the results of SEO audits, UX analysis of the site.

Content creation

are handled by our in-house copywriters and designers.

Working with links

increase in natural links - paid and free.

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Is SEO enough website promotion to get leads right away?

Yes, but using additional internet marketing tools, you can get sales faster and more:

Search engine optimization is a complex of works - on the site and outside the site!

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