In the meantime, there is no need to worry about it. ”

  1. The site, content and services offered on are accepted by you without changes in the terms of these Rules.
  2. If you do not agree with the terms set forth in this document, do not use the website, the goods and services offered through it and the website itself.
  3. By creating an account on the bulletin board, you agree to the terms of use of the site.
  4. may change this document at any time by updating this page. Changes in the rules for using the bulletin board - you will be informed by e-mail. Continuing to use the site, you automatically accept the new amendments to this agreement.
  5. The title (title) of the ad must correspond to the content of the ad, i.e. should contain brief information about the product or the offered service.
  6. Advertisements are published only in 3 (three languages) - in Russian, English and Romanian.
  7. Headers and announcements containing characters (! @ #$% ^ & * (), etc.) can be edited or removed.
  8. The ad text should not contain keywords (tags) that are not directly related to the product or service offered in the ad.
  9. The contact information specified in the announcement, as well as in the accompanying images or links, must match the contact information specified in the "contacts" section and in the user's personal account.
  10. The price in the ad text must match the price in the price line.
  11. Announcements are published strictly in accordance with the thematic belonging to the headings and subheadings. If the text of your ad does not correspond to the selected topic of the heading (sub-heading), it will be rejected or postponed and published in the appropriate topic of the heading (sub-heading).
  12. Only jpg, png and jpeg files with a maximum file size of 800kb are allowed.
  13. Each user can publish 4 ads for free.
  14. Paid ads, raise old ads and make ads highlighted is possible only after purchasing one or more of the presented here the packages.
  15. Payment is made in the following ways: 1. payment through the payment aggregator 2. By bank transfer on the received account - for legal entities.
  16. It is forbidden to publish announcements that violate the legislation of the Republic of Moldova.
  17. It is forbidden to publish advertisements for the sale of weapons, drugs, explosives, and other goods prohibited by law.
  18. It is forbidden to publish ads that do not make sense (for example, spam, test, etc.)
  19. In case of a complaint about ads, the administration has the right to remove the ad and block the user if this violates the law and terms of use of the site
  20. The site administration does not bear any responsibility for the publications of users, but it has the right to delete and edit them.
  21. Political, religious, nationalistic and other forms of agitation and insults are prohibited.
  22. Not allowed to publish ads aimed at promoting advertising sites (message boards, etc.)
  23. All prohibited ads (paid and free) will be removed without a refund of the funds spent on them!
  24. Violation of the rules of publication may lead to restriction of access to the site for a long time. The user guarantees that he has reached the legal age when he is entitled to conclude a legally binding agreement with, and guarantees that, in accordance with the current legislation, or any other state, including the state of which he is a resident or from the territory of which he carries out use of the Service, he is not prohibited from using / receiving such Services.
  25. If the client's activities are related to the placement of third-party advertisements, reserves the right to demand the conclusion of a separate agreement for the placement of advertisements of such a client.
  26. reserves the right not to enter into correspondence with site users.
  27. Access to personal information of usersAll information contained in the ads submitted to the site is publicly available, with the exception of the password for access to the user's personal section and the information contained in this section. User access to change the information contained in the ads is made only on the basis of a unique login and password selected by the user when registering. The User agrees and understands that he is responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of passwords associated with any account he uses to access the Services.

The user agrees that he is solely responsible to for all actions that occur when using your account.

If the User becomes aware of any unauthorized use of his password or account, he agrees to immediately notify at this address -

  1. By posting ads on the site, you consent to the use of the material, such as: copying, distribution, transfer, publication, reproduction, modification and translation. The information posted on, the site is considered the property of, it is prohibited to reproduce it or use it for posting on other resources without the written permission of the administration of the site
  2. Terms of liability

The user (advertiser) is fully responsible to any persons, including to and the state for the information posted on the site (advertisement, announcement, etc.). In particular, but not limited to the following, the User is responsible for:

- compliance of the content of information with the requirements of the legislation, including legislation on advertising, on the protection of consumer rights, as well as other regulations, including international ones;

- infliction of damage in connection with the publication of information (health, property, moral, business reputation) to any individual or legal entity, including residents of third countries, as well as public authorities and state administration;

violation of rights belonging to a third party, including intellectual property rights (trademark rights, copyrights, etc.) caused by the posting of information on the website;

- the reliability of the information posted;

- carrying out activities without the necessary permits (permits, licenses, certificates, etc.);

- other violations. assumes no obligation to maintain confidentiality with respect to this information, unless there is an agreement to the contrary or the relevant requirements of applicable law.

Under no circumstances is not responsible for damage, losses (including direct and indirect loss of profits) or costs incurred in connection with this site, its use / inability to use, as well as in connection with the service provided for posting information on the site reserves the right to change the information on this site without notice.

Recognizing the international nature of the Internet, the User assumes responsibility for compliance with all local rules and laws regarding the actions of the User on the website