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What is a website domain?

A domain is the address of your website on the Internet.

Domain name (domain)- an easy-to-remember name of your siteThe associated with a particular IP address on the Internet. It is indicated in the address site after www. and in the email address after the "@" symbol. For example, the domain name might correspond to the IP address 197.177.777.8

 Choosing a domain name is one of the most important steps in creating a website. The first impression of users about your company depends on it. The right domain name can bring more visitors to your site.

How to choose a domain?

Name length

Use three to four words. Websites with a short domain name are easier to remember and find. Numbers and dashes make it harder to remember and find a site


Make sure the words in your domain name reflect the content of your site. So it will be easier for users who visit the resource for the first time to understand what it is about. In addition, well-chosen keywords increase the likelihood that the site will appear in search results for similar products or services.


If you are targeting users from a specific region, include it in the domain name. This will help reduce the number of visitors you are not interested in.

brand name

Use your brand name to stand out from sites with similar content. Well-known brands with a good reputation are well remembered and attract users. It takes time to build a brand, but it can increase the popularity of your site

Top level domains

The most popular of these is .com, but there are many other domains for every business, from .academy to .zone.  Such domains allow you to more accurately indicate the subject of your site.

Using a name that is consonant with the name of a popular brand

Can lead to copyright infringement complaints, domain blocking, and even legal action. Users may not be able to access your site or send you emails until the end of the proceedings.

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Which domain zone is better to choose?

Any site begins with the choice of a domain, since this is the first thing that a visitor to a web resource notices. Therefore, this procedure is important to carry out with special attention and responsibility. It is important to remember that the site owner comes up with the domain name, and the domain zone is selected from offers that already exist.

Traditional user components of the URL, such as .net, .ua, or .com, are represented with a special business value. We offer you to understand what domain zones are, as well as the rules for choosing the best identifier.

What is a domain zone and where can you get it?

This identifier is an integral component of the domain name. It is always located on the right and can consist of 1-2 levels. Basically, this index shows the theme of the web platform or its belonging to a particular territory. For example, in the identifier, the ".ua" component is a domain zone.

The term "domain zone" can also be understood as the totality of all domains that belong to the 1st level. This identifier must be specified during the site domain registration process. All types of web resources are represented by several markers that correspond to the direction of its functioning. For example, the name of the site chosen by the future owner, combined with the geographic marker "", may be taken, while the ".md" zone with the identical identifier remains free.


Before choosing a specific domain zone, it is important to understand their classification. They are divided into 2 basic categories:

  • For general purpose. Here are identifiers such as .org, .com, .info, and .net. First of all, such domain elements had to point to a specific type of company represented on the Internet. But with the growth of web-resources, the boundaries associated with the subject of the site have become very blurred.
  • Geographic domain markers. This category includes the following types - .ua, .kz, .fr, as well as other identifiers that indicate the region where the resource operates.

Geographically, markers are also represented by an additional division into species. For example:

  • national domains. These identifiers are used in specific countries. Moldova - .md, France - .fr.
  • Regional identifiers. The use of the .eu suffix means that the site operates on the territory of not one country, but the whole region - the European Union.
  • Subregional subspecies. This category is represented by 2nd level domains, which indicate belonging to a region or city. For websites of companies from Chisinau, is suitable, and for Odessa companies,
  • International domain zones. Such signs can be combined with geographical features, as well as with a focus on a specific topic. For example, the prefix .biz is business resources, and network services are denoted .net. Websites of commercial organizations are represented by the .com marking.

There are also situations where a specific territorial suffix matches a thematic feature. For example, the domain zone of Moldova and medical Internet platforms are marked .md. There are also other similar use cases for similar identifiers.

What to look for when choosing?

It is recommended to pay attention to the sound aesthetics of the identifier as a whole: the link should be easy to remember and be simple. These parameters are important for page promotion. Today it is possible to choose any domain identifier. But it is important to remember the zones, which are represented by restrictions in the field of activity. In such situations, owners will need to prove that the content on the site is relevant to the topic.

It is important not to forget that it is in the interests of the owner of a web resource to choose a domain zone that will identify it by geographic and thematic features. This is because the link to the page will be a "business card" of the company, organization. This means that it is important to pay attention not only to the name of the platform, but also to the domain zone. You can buy a domain for your business here

Levels of domain zones and which one is better

It's no secret that a domain has several components. Separation of domain levels occurs with the help of dots. The correct countdown starts from right to left. For example, in the address, the top level is represented by the value ".ua". It is also a domain zone.

To understand domain name levels, it is important to know the following aspects:

  • The first level is a combination of a geographic and a thematic identifier (.ua, .net, .ru).
  • The second is the union of identifiers that indicate the region where the resource is located and its subject matter. For example, Moldovan organizations are represented by the label
  • The third level is subdomains, which are created based on the main address. For example

Now the owners of Internet platforms are able to create and use the following domain levels (4.5 and so on), but the expediency of this is reduced to zero.

What domain zones should be avoided?

There is also a separate category of domain zones, which have strong restrictions. To be able to register a site in this category, you will need to go through a strict control procedure for compliance with the subject of activity. For example, sites that are appended with the .edu element indicate that they belong to an educational institution.

Internet platforms with the suffix .gov belong to government agencies, and the prefix .travel means that the resource belongs to the tourism sector. These domain zones are best avoided to avoid lengthy compliance checks.

Our advice

Choosing a domain zone is an important step in creating your own website for individuals and legal entities. For this reason, it is important to heed the following recommendations:

  1. It is not always necessary to rent an expensive .com ID, especially if the company does not plan to go international.
  2. If an organization has big plans for its own expansion or plans to minimize fraud, it is better to buy several domains with different zones, but with the same name. For example, .com and .ua.
  3. Refuse to buy a domain in the common national area if the company operates in a specific region and does not plan to expand.
  4. New identifiers are suitable for modern business. For example, information projects, startups with the .io label.
  5. International zones are the best marker for resources that plan to expand in the future. For example, a small restaurant has a priority in expanding its business to an international network of establishments. In such a situation, you will need to select a domain without reference to a specific region.
  6. If the domain name is already taken and the owner does not plan to rebrand, it is possible to turn to a less relevant zone. There is a strong possibility that another option is represented by a free link.
  7. To create a personal web resource, consider the .name suffix. This is a luxurious way to indicate belonging to a business card site.

Individuals and legal entities who find it difficult to determine the correct prefix in the address are advised to analyze the statistics of the use of marking on functioning pages. Most internet platforms are represented by the .com identifier. .org remains the next relevant, and the "bronze" place belongs to national domains. These three suffixes are a win-win bet for any business.

It is important not to start from the stereotypes that hover around the creation, registration of the site. The lease or purchase of a prefix in the address is best based on the geographical, thematic features of each business project.

Domain zones allow owners to succinctly present their own business. Now there is a large selection of identifiers that will correctly describe the regional location and the subject of the company's activities, so buying a domain that is suitable for your company is not difficult. It is important to remember that the choice of this marking depends on what the company does, what kind of audience it has and the requirements of the owner. If there are difficulties with determining the correct suffix and its level, it is better to contact hosting providers, data centers that offer a high quality service, and are also guided by the features of virtual business projects.

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