Targeting, targeting, advertising in social networks - what is it and how does it work?

Targeting - Social Media Advertising:

  • Targeting Facebook Ads
  • Targeting Instagram Ads
  • Lookalike advertising
  • Selection of advertising audience
  • Selection of advertising strategy
  • Creating and setting up a sales funnel
  • Tracking conversions
  • Analytics of results

Social media advertising is a great way to make yourself known, increase sales, attract followers, and convert them into sales!

What is targeted advertising?

Target is translated from English as a target, i.e. is advertising on social networks such as Facebook and Instagram, directed to people who meet a specific list of requirements (or goals) specified by the advertiser. Such advertising is shown to the target audience, regardless of whether people are looking for this product now or not. Potential customers may not know about the product at all, but this group of people is potentially interested in it. Means, these people are interesting to you.

Why use Facebook and Instagram advertising?

2 billion - Facebook audience

active users per month!

89% - Facebook Ads Reach

in comparison with 38% other ways!

1 billion - Instagram audience

active users per month!

1 million active advertisers

120 million ad coverage per month!

What are the targeting options for Facebook and Instagram ads?

Geo targeting - setting up advertising by location (location) of the audience - country, region, city, address:

Social Media Advertising, Targeting 1
  • It is possible to select an audience within a radius of 1 kilometer from the city
  • When launching several advertising campaigns, it is possible to exclude duplicate geolocations so that users do not see different versions of the same advertisement
  • It is possible to target advertisements to people - locals, recent visitors planning to visit the area and who are in this place

Demography - selection of an audience according to her data - age, gender, language, education, marital status:

Social Media Advertising, Targeting 2
  • Age - from 18 to 65+ years old.
  • Gender - women, men or all
  • Generation - Generation X and Generation Y
  • Language - local or required by you
  • Education level - student, schoolchild, higher education, etc.
  • Parental status - presence of children and age of children
  • Work - by company, by type of company, by profession, etc.
  • Marital status - single, married, divorced. etc.
  • Relationship Preference - Generation X and Generation Y
  • Language - local or required by you

Behavior - like pages, likes, comments, online and offline activity:

Social Media Advertising, Targeting 3
  • Online actions - page admins, business owners, browser, photo uploads, Facebook payments, OS used, email domain, etc.
  • Travel preferences - those returning from a trip, commuting to work from the suburbs, regular travelers, etc.
  • Mobile devices - device type, OS type, brand, new users of smartphones and tablets, with and without 360 format°

Interests - events, activities of interest to topics, hobbies, sports, family, shopping:

Social Media Advertising, Targeting 4
  • Business and industry - science, management, real estate, banks, etc.
  • Entertainment - games, music, TV, movies, reading, life events
  • Family and Relationship - Marriage, Family, Children, Friendship, Weddings, Dating
  • Shopping and fashion - toys, clothing, beauty, accessories
  • Fidnet and health - running, yoga, fitness, diet, exercise, and more.
  • Food and drink - alcohol, food, cooking, cuisine, drinks, restaurants
  • Sports - outdoor recreation, etc.
  • Hobbies and hobbies - home and garden, pets, art, music, politics and social issues, travel, current events, motor vehicles, etc.
  • Technology - consumer electronics, computers

Events from the personal life of users:

Social Media Advertising, Targeting 5
  • In a new relationship
  • In a long distance relationship
  • Far from home
  • Far from family
  • Anniversary
  • Recently moved
  • Newly engaged
  • New job
  • Newlyweds
  • Birthday
  • Friends

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Social Media Advertising, Targeting 6

Custom audience setup:

It is possible to create a custom target audience. Such an audience can consist of people who have been on your site before, have similar interests and are similar to your target audience:

  • People visiting the site and performing certain actions there
  • On Facebook - people who like your page, friends of people who like your page, excluding people who have already liked the page
  • Application (if any) - people using your application, friends of people with your application, excluding application users
  • Events - people subscribing to an event or excluding them from advertising

What is Lookalike Advertising?

Lookalike targeting advertising (from English Look alike - that is, similar, similar) strategies are advertising shown to people who are similar to your customers. is formed on the basis of existing customers, a list of their phone numbers or email addresses.

To launch Lookalike targeting, you need at least 100 customer contacts and it is possible to form up to 500 different audiences.

What is Facebook and Instagram ad targeting sales funnel?

Social Media Advertising, Targeting 7

A purchase funnel is the path that the average buyer of a product or service goes through from attracting his attention to an offer to the moment he buys or orders a service. 

A sales funnel can be formed from a different number of points, and the main thing in each of them is not to lose a client and lead him to the next stage or transfer to another funnel.

You can see an example of a sales funnel on the left, let's explain it:

  1. There is a need for a product / service
  2. The user started looking for information on this need
  3. Visited page / site
  4. Bringing leads to the purchase of an order.

A sales funnel can start from any point, it depends on the niche in which it is built and the audience that is interested in this offer.

How does ad targeting sales funnel work?

To implement a sales funnel and set up advertising according to the funnel, special codes are introduced to the site to track the user at each stage of the funnel, then users at different stages are shown their own ads.

Here's an example of how a sales funnel works:

  1. The person looked at the product, but did not add it to the cart - we show an advertisement that motivates to buy. This is one level of the question.
  2. Another level - the user put it in the cart, but did not buy - that means we show an advertisement encouraging the completion of the purchase, perhaps we give a bonus or a discount.

Thus, we bring to the purchase the maximum number of people who have shown interest in a product or service!

How Much Does Targeting Ads Cost?

The cost of advertising on social networks is formed from two points:

  • Advertising budget - paid in Facebook Ads, depends on recommendations, niche, region and your capabilities
  • Work price - starts from 50... The prices for our work are given below.

How Much Does Targeting Ads Cost?

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