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Как вернуть клиентов? Повторные или упущенные продажи? Тогда Ремаркетинг вам поможет продавать

Remarketing and retargeting:

  • A reminder to users about your product
  • Returns the potential buyers to your website
  • It improves the image and the effect of recognition
  • increases sales

Neither advertising does not compete with the power of Google remarketing and retargeting Yandex.

No TV, no radio, no print ads are not able to return the user to the site where he was going to make a purchase.

A remarketing and retargeting – can! 

How does remarketing and retargeting?

Users visiting your site who wanted to buy / order, was interested in the product or service, and departed without purchasing / ordering, will continue to see ads on your website to other Internet resources.

This will allow the user to return to make a purchase or order, ie, potentially lost $ client is returned to the site and brought your conversion!

Как работает ремаркетинг

Features remarketing (retargeting)

Segmentation of potential customers based on their behavior on the site.

Payment is made only for clicks on ads.

Remarting running on the Google Ads Networks (AdWords), Yandex Direct, Facebook and so on.

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