What is a Domain?

This is the name of the site, the address of the site, the link to the site - there are many options for a simple explanation and they are all correct.

For example, our site has a domain - dits.md and it can be seen in the address bar of the browser, in the picture on the right.

dits.md is an abbreviation of the name of our company, it is quite capacious and suitable for IT topics, that is why we stopped at it.

Hosting & Domain 1
You can buy .md domains here nic.md
You can buy other domains at godaddy.com or reg.ru

What is Hosting?

Hosting is where your website is stored and run.

Hosting can be of different types:

  • shared, i.e. shared hosting, the cheapest and weakest;
  • VPS - virtual personal server, more expensive and powerful;
  • Dedicated Server - a separate powerful server, an expensive and powerful solution;

The choice of hosting is an important task and depends entirely on the tasks facing the project. For example, a regular business card website and not a large online store, reliable shared hosting is enough, but more complicated projects require more powerful hosting.


We recommend Hawk hostas a Shared hosting provider
Hosting & Domain 2

We recommend Contabo - as a provider of VPS solutions

Hosting & Domain 3