How to find out how much your site is worth

If you need to buy or sell an Internet resource, you will definitely need to evaluate the cost of the site. Each virtual service has its own value, but often when selling or buying it is not evaluated quite adequately. This leads to unjustified financial expenses for the buyer and the inability to sell the site for the seller.

If the seller overestimates the cost of his resource, the buyer can check whether the required amount corresponds to the real price of the site. Programs will objectively evaluate the quality of the platform, giving a fair assessment.

How to estimate the market value of a site?

For an adequate assessment of the cost of an Internet resource, it is necessary to take into account many parameters and features of the site that is for sale. If this is not done, the buyer runs the risk of overpaying and the seller selling too cheap.

The search for an adequate price should take into account the following factors:

1. What category does the site belong to? To do this, when evaluating a resource, a category is assigned. For example, sites dedicated to recreation, culture, education, entertainment, work, business, construction and repair, media, sports, and so on. This will reduce the search circle by evaluating the site in comparison with its competitors. Each area has its own evaluation criteria. Without knowing which category the assessed site belongs to, an objective assessment of other parameters is impossible.

2. Link weight. Estimated as the number of external links from other sites. The more of them, the better.

3. Traffic. You need to determine which keywords are used for the material on the site. Required data: their frequency and positions in the overall ranking of all sites.

4. Age and value of the domain. The older the resource, the more expensive it is, as a rule. But you can always find an exception, so the check takes into account many parameters.

5. The presence of the site in the directories. Not all sites are accepted into the directories of search engines, so if the resource being sold is listed in one or more of them, this is a good sign. But the price of the site, in this case, can be high.

Other parameters may be taken into account to estimate the cost, especially if the amount received does not correspond to the initial ideas about the price of the site.

What is the cost of a site?

It is possible to estimate the online cost of a site only in a complex way, taking into account many parameters. One of the main evaluation criteria is the trust of the site, which consists of the following items:

  • The index of the IKS "Yandex". It can be marked as TIC, PR. For example, resources with a TIC level of 50 can cost much more than their counterparts, whose performance is less impressive.
  • The age of the resource. A site that is more than 3-5 years old usually pays off quite well, even if its traffic is small. But a young resource that is not even a year old, even with good attendance, can cost a penny.
  • SEO optimization. It makes the site visible to search engines. This indicator affects the chances of potential visitors to find a resource among thousands of competitors. The higher these chances, the more likely the success of the site.
  • Daily attendance. The greater the number of people who went to the site during the day, the more popular the resource, and therefore more valuable.
  • The number of inbound links. The more links to the site from other resources, the higher the chances of increasing the audience of visitors.
  • The quality of content and functionality. The interface of the site should be intuitive, and the published content should be useful, giving the audience answers to the questions they are looking for. This factor can be influenced by the content management system - CMS. There are free and paid ones. The use of paid, advanced systems increases the cost of the resource, as they have the ability to expand the functionality that may be needed in the future. But even free ones can support a site with tens of thousands of pages.
  • Domain price. If the domain is prestigious, it can be half the cost of the site being sold. Old domains are usually considered prestigious.
  • Site income. This is the difference between the average annual income from the resource and the costs of maintaining the platform, which must be covered over the same period.

It is desirable, but not necessary, that the idea of the site be original and trendy. It should arouse the interest of the audience and be in the top.

How to increase the value of the site?

It is possible to raise the price of a resource, which for some reason turned out to be less than its owner expected. The first step is to increase the visibility of the resource by search engines. The owners of some sites think that people will come to them simply because they appeared on the Internet and publish interesting content.

Alas, due to too high competition, search engines do not include resources in the tops, and people do not see links to the site. Few of the users turn over several pages of results, which gives "Yandex" or "Google".

To optimize the resource and raise it to high positions in the search engine results, you must:

  • Perform technical optimization. Its main goal is to make the site more convenient for a potential visitor. Properly distribute sections, make them more accessible, supplement the functionality of the site and perform other required actions.
  • Increase the number of keywords on the pages. First you need to choose the keys that match the theme of the resource. This can be done with special services. One of the most popular is Yandex WordStat. For placement on the site, it is important to choose queries that are often searched.
  • Increase the link mass to the site. External links will allow the target audience to find the resource faster. You can post links on forums, other thematic sites, social networks.
  • Another way is to raise the price of the domain. To do this, you just need to wait. The value of a domain grows with its age, and no other action needs to be taken.

Online services for checking the cost of the site

Online services for checking the cost of the site

The cost of a site can be checked by services that specialize in evaluating sites and determining their real value, focusing on the criteria described above.

The most popular sites for checking the cost of the site:

  • Be1.
  • PR-CY.RU.
  • MySiteCost.
  • Tenderi.

Each of the services deserves a more detailed review.

How to use Be1?

At the platform Be1 multi-tasking basis, one of its main areas of work is checking the cost of sites. This service has a lot of advantages:

  • quick check, which takes 2-3 seconds;
  • very simple interface launched with one key;
  • visual presentation of information, thanks to which you can see all the components that make up the sum.

Working with the service is very simple:

  • enter the URL of the site whose value you would like to check;


How to find out how much your site is worth 1
  • press the "Start Check" button;
How to find out how much your site is worth 2
  • get report.

The cost of the site includes:

  • SEO traffic;
  • domain price (depending on its age);
  • link weight.

This tool can show the resource owner what they need to work on to make the site more valuable.


"Cyprus" is considered one of the most informative services for evaluating the cost of sites. Although its design is quite primitive, the information that can be obtained compensates for this small drawback.

To analyze the site, you need:

  • specify the URL in a special box;
  • click on "Analysis";


How to find out how much your site is worth 3
  • Scroll down the page until the Estimated Cost field appears.
How to find out how much your site is worth 4
Service focuses on more than just cost. This is a one-stop resource that can provide an unbiased assessment of the entire platform.


The service is similar to CY-PR.COM, but is intended for the Russian-speaking market segment. used PR-CY.RU in the same way as the previous resource:

  • enter the URL of the site you want to check;


How to find out how much your site is worth 5
  • press the "Evaluate" button.
How to find out how much your site is worth 6
The site rating will appear almost instantly. Apart from the amount, no additional information is provided. This is good for users who don't want to be overwhelmed with additional data, but bad if they want to evaluate how prices are formed.

MySiteCost with not the most pleasant feature - to use it, you need to enter a captcha. Instructions for use:

  • indicate the address of your site;
  • enter captcha;
  • click "Evaluate".


How to find out how much your site is worth 7

The service can check the site for a long time, so you should not count on an instant result.


Telderi is not just a service that allows you to evaluate the online cost of a site, but an auction where resources can be sold and bought. A good bonus is the ability to check the estimated price. To get an estimate, you need:

  • register on the site;
  • go to the "Site Cost Calculator" tab;
  • indicate the address;
  • choose a topic;
  • enter the total monthly income and the amount of net profit from the site;
  • provide data on the daily influx of visitors and the number of views;
  • click "Rate site".


How to find out how much your site is worth 8
The service shows the price difference. That is, you can see the minimum amount for the resource and the maximum rates. The peculiarity of Telderi is that it evaluates sites based on real market prices, and not theoretical indicators. Therefore, the result is most true, in comparison with other listed platforms.

Alternative Site Evaluation Methods

In addition to online assessment, you can get information about the cost of sites by other methods:

  • On the forums. Almost all SEO forums have sections called “Site Evaluation”. In them, everyone can indicate a link to their resource, and other users will leave their comments about its price. This method does not have accuracy, but many estimates look objective.
  • On one's own. For self-assessment of the site, the following formula is used: Cost = Average monthly income x Number of months. Also, the price of a resource can be comparable to its payback in 1-3 years.
  • On the auction. You can find out the price of the site by putting the service up for auction. One of the best auctions is the TELDERI exchange. Although this method should not be abused.

To find out how much an online store website or any other resource costs, you should use all the methods presented. By comparing the results, you can get an objective price for the resource.


  • You can estimate the market value of a site, taking into account its subject matter, traffic, link mass, and more.
  • The price of sites depends on the age of domains, daily traffic, the number of external links, Yandex ICS indicators, and so on.
  • You can increase the price of the site by raising the link mass, increasing the number of keywords on the page and carrying out technical optimization.
  • Checking the site price can be done using special services: Be1, CY-PR.COM, PR-CY.RU, MySiteCost and Telderi.

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