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Что такое контекстная реклама? Сколько стоит? Как работает?

Contextual advertising - paid advertising on the Internet:

  • Google Ads or AdWords
  • Remarketing Google Network
  • Advertise on Youtube
  • yandex Direct
  • Yandex Retargeting
  • Conversion tracking
  • Pay per click

The quickest way to get customers from the internet!

What is contextual advertising?

In short – advertising on search engines (Google, Yandex, Bing, etc.) shows the user of these networks, while searching for and visiting partner sites. Pay for advertising clicks for potential customers.

Реклама в AdWords

Advertising with AdWords

Ремаркетинг в КМС

Remarketing on the Display Network

Ремаркетинг в Youtube

Remarketing in Youtube

Ремаркетинг сеть - Баннеры

Remarketing Network - Banners

This ad shows search engines such as Google, in the context of what the user was looking for. Example – user searched on the Internet service “rent a car”, Google gave answers of natural issue, which can only be achieved by SEO promotion, and at the beginning and end of the page results – the results of PPC advertising as seen on the left. The results of the issuance of green signature Ad or Advertising – displays paid advertising from Google.

When the user clicks on these results from the advertiser’s account debits the cost of 1-click, it can start at $ 0.01, depending on the competition inquiry on the relevance of the advertiser’s site. Hence the abbreviation PPC – Pay Per Click, ie, pay per click.

Remarketing – reruns of advertising on sites that are part of Google remarketing network, as well as sites such as for example Youtube, as part of contextual advertising.

What is useful and what is needed remarketing – clicking on the link to the advertiser’s site, the client dalneshem on the sites included in the remarketing network and Google’s partners will see ads from the advertiser, in the form of text and banner, the example on the left. The client is not immediately ready to buy something, I want to ask the price, to think, to explore. Recalling the Statement, advertising displays – a solid company, aware of the potential client, his interest in the services and goods. Additional impressions – more clicks, the additional interest will naturally lead to a sale.

Price from 0,01 €

per-click, which can lead you to sell a few hundred dollars!

Customer targeting

the opportunity to choose where and to whom to advertise!

Advertise on all the devices

will be available to your potential customers!


Quick start advertising

from 2 days to collect keywords and ad settings

What is included in the setting of contextual advertising?

  • 1

    Analysis of the target audience (CA)

    Geo-targeting - in which regions, countries show ads

    Languages ​​- the languages ​​of Central Asia show ads

    Drawing up the CA profile - age, interests, places, life script.

  • 2

    Collecting semantics - keywords

    Gathering semantic core (CR), the largest possible, covering all the required goods and services

    Dealing with negative words - the analysis and elimination of non-relevant (not necessary) requests

  • 3

    The choice of content tools

    It is important to understand how and where to advertise - search, banner, remarketing. For example:

    Only search - taxi service client needs here and now!

    Search and remarketing - buying a refrigerator may be delayed for a month!

  • 4

    Compilation ads

    Writing headlines and ad text for search queries approved

    Preparation of ad extensions (quick links, updates, and other structured descriptions.)

  • 5

    Setting of banner advertising and remarketing

    Search images for banner advertising (if not from the designer)

    Filtering sites display advertising - on the necessary criteria and lists of negative donors.

  • 6

    Budgeting advertising campaign (AC)

    Determining the budget per day and for the entire duration of an advertising campaign

    Analyst required expenses for each of the RK and the coordination with the customer content

  • 7

    Construction and analysis purposes

    Contextual advertising is the only fully measurable advertising.

    Configuring communication between ad accounts and analytics systems. Setting goals for conversion tracking.

  • 8

    Running PPC advertising

    It is important to run your ads on the right and the right moment for the customer content and for Disabilities (clients)

    Nobody wants christmas trees in August! Although ... 🙂

How much is contextual advertising in Moldova?

Cost per click of $ 0.01

The purpose of our work to reduce the cost of clicks and get the most from the budget!

From $ 3 a click Budget / day

We recommend to consider a minimum budget of $ 3 per day in the RK!

How much is the setting of contextual advertising?

80 euro

  • to 100 queries
  • 1 search engine
  • search campaign
  • display advertising
  • remarketing

120 euros

  • 200 queries
  • 1 search engine
  • search campaign
  • display advertising
  • remarketing

130 euros

  • to 100 queries
  • 2 search system
  • search campaign
  • display advertising
  • remarketing

200 euros

  • 200 queries
  • 2 search system
  • search campaign
  • display advertising
  • remarketing

Create your own package!

  • how much to request?
  • which search engines?
  • search campaigns?
  • media advertising?
  • remarketing?

190 euros

  • to 100 queries
  • 3 search system
  • search campaign
  • display advertising
  • remarketing

300 euros

  • 200 queries
  • 3 search system
  • search campaign
  • display advertising
  • remarketing
Paid advertising on Google, PPC, AdWords

What is included in the support of contextual advertising?

It is not always enough just to run RK, often require specialist content services:

  • Monitoring of negative keywords
  • Proofreading, search queries, banners;
  • Bid adjustments and budgets;
  • The introduction of chip, running other types of advertising within a context;
  • The launch of the RK on request;
  • Statistical Analysis staging purposes, etc .;

How much is the maintenance of contextual advertising?

from 50 euros

  • 2 advertising campaign
  • to 100 queries
  • 1 search engine

from 100 euros

  • 4 advertising campaign
  • 200 queries
  • 2 search system

Создай свой пакет!

  • as RK?
  • how many requests?
  • which search engines?

150 euros

  • 6 advertising campaign
  • 300 queries
  • 3 search system
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