What is contextual advertising? How much is? How does it work?

Contextual advertising - paid advertising on the Internet:

  • Google Ads / AdWords
  • Google remarketing
  • Advertising on Youtube
  • Yandex Direct and Retargeting
  • Pay per click

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What is Contextual Advertising?

In short - advertising in search engines (Google, Yandex, Bing, etc.). Shown to users when searching and visiting partner sites. Payment for such advertising is made for the referrals of potential customers to your site.

Advertising in AdWords

Advertising in AdWords

Remarketing in KMS

Remarketing in KMS

Youtube remarketing

Youtube remarketing

Remarketing Network - Banners

Remarketing Network - Banners

These are ads shown by search engines such as Google and Yandex in the context of what the user was looking for.

Example - a user searched the Internet for the service "rent a car", Google gave answers from natural results, which is achieved only through SEO promotion, and at the beginning and at the end of the page the results are the results of contextual advertising, as seen on the left. Results with a green signature Ad or Advertising - impressions of paid ads from Google.

When a user clicks on these results, the cost of 1 click is deducted from the advertiser's account, it can start from 0.01$ and depends on the competitiveness of the request from the relevance (match) of the advertiser's site. Hence the abbreviated name PPC - Pay Per Click, i.e. pay per click.

Remarketing — repeated displays of advertising on sites that are included in the Google remarketing network, as well as sites such as, for example, Youtube, is also included in contextual advertising.

Why is remarketing useful and why is it necessary - by clicking on the link to the advertiser's website, the client will subsequently see advertisements from the advertiser in the form of text and banners on the sites included in the remarketing network and Google and Yandex partners, in the example on the left. The client is not immediately ready to buy something, he wants to ask the price, think, study.

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Price from 0,01 €

per click that can easily go to a purchase on your site!

Customer targeting

the ability to choose where and to whom to show ads!

Advertising on all devices

will be available to your potential clients!

Quick start advertising

from 2 days to collect keywords and set up ads

What is included in setting up contextual advertising?

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Analysis of the target audience (CA)

Geo-targeting - in which regions, countries to show ads. Languages - in which languages to show ads to the target audience. Compiling a target audience profile - age, interests, places, life script.
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Collecting semantics - keywords

Collecting the semantic core (SY), as large as possible, covering all the required goods and services Working with minus words - analysis and exclusion of irrelevant (unnecessary) queries
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Choice of contextual advertising tools

It is important to understand how and where to advertise - search, banner, remarketing. For example: Search only - the client needs taxi services here and now! Search and remarketing - buying a refrigerator can take a month!
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Drafting announcements

Writing ad titles and text for approved search queries Preparing ad extensions (quick links, clarifications, structured descriptions, etc.)
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Setting up banner ads and remarketing

Search for images for banner advertising (if not from the designer) Filtering sites for displaying advertising - according to the necessary criteria and lists of negative donors.
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Advertising campaign budgeting (AC)

Determination of the budget per day and for the entire duration of the advertising campaign Analytics of the required costs for each advertising campaign and coordination with the customer of contextual advertising
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Goal building and analytics

PPC advertising is the only fully measurable advertising. Setting up a link between advertising accounts and analytics systems. Set up conversion tracking goals.
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Launch of contextual advertising

It is important to launch advertising at the right and right moment, both for the customer of contextual advertising and for leads (clients). Nobody needs Christmas trees in August! Although ... 🙂

What is included in the contextual advertising support?

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It is not always enough to simply launch an advertising campaign; it is often necessary to service contextual advertising by a specialist:

  • Monitoring negative keywords;
  • Correction of texts, search queries, banners;
  • Adjustment of rates and budget;
  • The introduction of chips, the launch of other types of advertising within the context;
  • Launching new RC at the request of the client
  • Analysis of statistics, setting goals, etc.;


How much does contextual advertising cost in Moldova?

Price per click from 0.01$

The goal of our work is to reduce the cost of clicks and get the most out of your budget!

The cost of setting up contextual advertising

from 150$ for 1-2 advertising campaigns or 25% from the monthly click budget.

Minimum Recommended Click Budget

1$ / day - minimum recommended click budget, desired minimum budget - 3$ / day!

The cost of supporting contextual advertising

from 150 for 1-2RK or 25% from the budget, because high-quality support takes no less time!

Prices for setting up contextual advertising:

Prices for setting up contextual advertising for online stores:

Calculation of budget clicks

is performed before the launch of advertising, the rest of the budget remains on your Google Ads account.


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our work

is to reduce your costs for clicks, increase customer flow and increase ROI!

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