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Landing Page - landing page

  • Popular site variant
  • Modern style
  • Capacious structure
  • Ease of understanding
  • Adaptability
  • Speed of creation
  • Quick edits

If you need to advertise your product or service as quickly as possible, launch advertising, start accepting applications and even start selling from a landing page, then the best choice is Landing Page!

So what is a Landing Page and what are its advantages?

This is a site, often consisting of one, whole page
An excellent choice for young companies, promotions, goods and services
Responsive site - works equally well on all devices.
Creates, fills, launches and works quickly
Editing content and a website is no more difficult than working in Word
Contextual advertising is great for Landing Page
Collecting statistics - visits, behavior, conversions, etc.
Additional modules - map, chat and order form and much more!

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Our LandingPage sites can grow into a full-fledged business card site, catalog, and even a multifunctional online store

Multilingualism is included in the functionality of all sites we create, setting up and launching the second and next languages - in a short time and at low cost

What does Landing Page look like?

How much does it cost to create a Landing Page with us?

Landing Template Shop +

SEO + Speed + Domain + Hosting
850€/do 10 days
  • fGeneral:
  • βœ“ CMS - WordPress
  • βœ“ Online store
  • βœ“ Delivery options
  • βœ“ Payment options
  • βœ“ 5 options for the finished design
  • βœ“ Responsive design
  • βœ“ Multilingual
  • βœ“ Top menu
  • βœ“ Block animation
  • βœ“ Online chat
  • βœ“ Callback
  • βœ“ Photo sliders
  • βœ“ Forms
  • βœ“ Pop-ups
  • βœ“ Calls to action
  • βœ“ Signs of social networks
  • βœ“ Website acceleration
  • βœ“ Website optimization
  • βœ“ Product variability
  • βœ“ 22 hours for work and edits
  • lFilling:
  • βœ“ Text blocks
  • βœ“ Images
  • βœ“ Products
  • βœ“ Reviews / cases
  • βœ“ Video
  • βœ“ 10h for filling
  • Analytics and SEO:
  • βœ“ Basic SEO work - descriptions, titles, SEO files
  • βœ“ Google Tag Manager
  • βœ“ Google Analytics
  • βœ“ Yandex Metrica
  • βœ“ Google Search Console
  • βœ“ Yandex Webmaster
  • ξ€ΈAdditional:
  • βœ“ Hosting for a year
  • βœ“ Domain for a year

What do you need to create any website?


Additionally from the selected domain - at least 5$


Additionally from the required package - at least 12$


SSL certificate

Additionally, any site is already required - from 0$!


Make your Landing Page

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