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Landing Page – A Destination Page Meant To Boost Your Site’s Conversion Rate

  • Popular website variant
  • Stylish design
  • Impactful Structure
  • Easy-to-Understand
  • Adaptability and Responsiveness
  • Rapid Creation
  • Fast Corrections

Make your online presence felt! Trumpet your goods and services with maximum efficiency! Run campaigns and advertisements! Accept orders, arrange sells, and influence a visitor’s decision to take action with a good landing page!

What is a Landing Page and how can it benefit your online business?


Landing Page is essentially a site containing only a single page.

Editing content and information on a Landing Page is as simple as working in Windows Word.

It is a perfect solution for startups as well as promotional and advertising initiatives.

Landing Page is great for PPC advertising.

Highly adaptive site which works smoothly on all devices.

Collected Statistics – get insights about visits, behavior, conversions, and more.


Landing Page is easy to create, fill up with content, launch, and it also works very fast!

Additional modules – a sitemap, an online chat, an order form, and other extras can also be easily included!


Our landing pages can smoothly be transformed into full-fledged business-card websites, catalogs, and even multifunctional e-commerce sites.

Multilanguage is included into the functionality of all landing pages which we create. The setting and implementation of the second and further languages are done within the shortest time and at a minimal cost.

Got interested but don’t have time to read and learn? We can call you and tell everything!

Landing Page Examples

How much does a landing page cost?


Minimum $5 in addition to the selected domain


Minimum $20 in addition to the selected Landing Page package


SSL Certificate

Provided upon request. Minimum €40 (installation included)

Create your own Landing page

Do not our landing page packages cover all your business needs? Contact us, and we will develop a personal website landing page perfectly tailored to your unique requirements!

Got interested but don’t have time to read and learn? We can call you and tell everything!