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SMM продвижение

Progress in social networks

  • Promotion in social networks – groups of channels, profiles
  • Advertising in social networks
  • Market analysis and identification of the target audience (CA)
  • Attracting new subscribers
  • Development of individual style
  • Swot analysis
  • Creation of services and shops
  • content plan
  • Analytics results

this and much more will help you to find your target audience and begin to interact with it!

Why deal with the promotion in social networks?

About 3 billion people who have an account in one way or another sots.seti! If we talk about Moldova, about 1 million people in the country are registered in one or more social networks. Large and broad market prospects get – right?

Social networks – a place where there is your customer exactly, we can only define it, to find the right content and get his attention, and then measure the result, to make adjustments to the SMM promotion and continue to make in social networks!


SMM is the promotion of the brand in social networks

SMM stands for Social Media Marketing, ie, attract interest in your goods and services. This is achieved through the dissemination of information, luring people interesting and useful information, the creation of shares and launch advertising campaigns. The result of this work is to increase the number of potential customers who look after the product.

SMO is to optimize the site for Social Networking

SMM stands for Social Media Optimization, ie site optimization to social networks. The site is added to the possibility repost page, the comment by sots.set, likes information, automatically add all new sots.set in the company and so on. This makes it possible to increase the informational presence in sots.seti, increase the number of links to accelerate the dissemination of information.

What sots.seti popular in Moldova?

The most popular social networks in the country is Instagram, the trace goes Facebook, followed by Odnoklassniki, VKontakte, and the short list of business Linkedin network and microblogging social network – Twitter. Members of these social networks in different ages, interests and preferences, ie it is imperative to choose a social network for your target clients and engage in dialogue with them in the right, for this sots.seti, the key!

What is SMM?

  • 1

    Market analysis and identification of CA

    it is important to decide on the what and how should be promoted in the selected region, ie, define social networks - promotion in facebook, youtube to promote, promotion VKontakte, promotion instagram. Be the profile of a potential customer - gender, age, interests, connections and so on.

  • 2

    Drawing up marketing strategy

    choose the way of working in the selected social networks - ie This channel promotion in Youtube, promotion group in facebook, instagram in business promotion, creation of a group to the VC, because in different social networks are different promotion tools to attract audiences and advertising.

  • 3

    Drafting content plan

    Market Analysis, CA and competitors will help you understand what content (photos, video, audio, text) is interested in potential customers, identify the pros and cons of such content, decide on the style and schedule of publications of the selected content.

  • 4

    Attracting new subscribers

    It is the most important task in the promotion of SMM. For this purpose methods such as the - actions, contests, polls, viral content, publications in other groups and in key bloggers in a niche.

  • 5

    Advertising in social networks

    Is divided into several variants - 2 main ones are an important advertising (viral) publication of the tapes, and targeting advertising, acting aiming at the right target audience.

  • 6

    Optimizing your website in social networks

    If you have a website or are looking to make a website, you need to perform optimization SMO together with the start of SMM promotion, because it will simplify and improve the results of the advances in social networks!

  • 7

    Analytics - SWOT Analysis

    This definition - Strong (Strong), weaknesses (Weak) party goods and services, as well as - Opportunities (Opportunities) and opastno (Threats) in the promotion of social networks.

    Installing spets.tegov and analysts on site, can reveal the results of the promotion and to make adjustments!

Interesting, but no time to read and study? We can call and tell everything!

How much is the promotion in social networks?

*Prices are for the CIS market. For Europe and the USA may differ!

How much it costs to advertise in social networks?

Targeted advertising – advertising is accurate, allowing it to reach the right audience, in the right format for the right price. Setup and maintenance of advertising in social networks available in a separate service to the development of tools SMM advertising.

SMM brand promotion in social networks
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