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Какой сайт тебе нужен? Типы, отличия, цены.

Website creation starts with answering these questions:

  • Do not have a website?• Do not have a website?
  • Is your website obsolete to keep up with the times?
  • Does not your website work on mobile devices? 
  • Does your website lack important functionality?
  • Is your website regularly hacked?
  • Is your website infected with viruses? 
  • Is not your website attracting traffic?

Website creation starts with answering these questions:

  • Create a website from scratch
  • Improve your existing website through redesign and rebuild
  • Speed up your website and make it load extremely fast
  • Add cool functionality to your web platform
  • Neutralize all viruses and malware on your web portal
  • And make search engines fall in love


Creating sites in Moldova

All sites which were created by us entertain the following features:


All our websites easily adapt to any screen size and work great on all devices!


Tags, rules, and conditions – all search engine optimization techniques are properly incorporated to let clients easily find you in the World Wide Web!


No more fuss with editing texts, images, and other content on your website!



Your site can easily be transformed into anything you want from a Landing page to an Online retailer!


Your website interface may support as many languages as you want.


Your website is enforced with powerful analytical tools like – Google Analytics and Yandex Metrica to oversee the performance of your online platform, estimate its connection with key audiences and measure overall success.



Both the admin and online visitors can use your website with ease and pleasure!



SSL certificates, permissions, passwords, and regular backups – we know how to keep your website secure and robust!

What are the benefits of having a website and why do you need one?

зачем нужен сайт

Your virtual office, warehouse, and store!


One more platform to advertise your production, goods, and services!


A real opportunity to find new partners and clients!


Infinite space for your information!


An ability to engage with your clients and notify them about impending events/new arrivals quickly and efficiently.


An ability to receive feedback from your clients and partners.

A website is the best instrument for work and advertising!

Where else, except a quality website, can you quickly present your goods and services for a large audience?

By the way, your competitors never sleep – they have already made their online presence! It is time to catch up and surpass the rivals!

Clients can quickly get in touch with you!

The implementation of an online chat window, a callback system, a feedback form, and a phone number in a clearly visible place on your web platform will significantly increase the flow of new leads and clients!

Every time when an occasional lead cannot find how to contact you, you lose revenues!

We specialize in creating websites of the following types:


Landing Page, also known as a destination or lead capture page

Single-page sites with extensive functionality, from a simple information portal to a full-fledged online store with integrated online payments and instant synchronization with your CRM system!

Corporate sites, business card websites, web-catalogs

Websites for companies with a detailed description of available services and goods. This includes both small sites with mere 3-5 pages and huge marketplaces with an insane number of items and services as well as their smart filtration by different parameters.

Small, large, and mono-brand Internet stores

We create one-page online shops with the possibility to connect to a CRM system, mono-brand online shops exclusively for one brand, and huge marketplaces with 10K+ product pages, each of which works quickly and efficiently!

All our websites are universal

If you ordered a landing page with us but one day, you decide to transform it into a business card site, a web-catalog or even a large marketplace with an integrated CRM system, you will not have any difficulty with bringing your wishes to reality.

Got interested but have no time to read and learn? We can call you back and explain everything!

How much does it cost to create a website

Do not forget about web maintenance services!

Creating sites in Moldova

Goods replenishment

Easily refill, edit or delete items from your online assortment


Photo and Video

Attach images and videos to your assortment, modify and delete multi-media content



Expert advice on website and advertising



News, articles, and posts – amour your web platform with interesting content



Regular website backup



Keeping all systems of your site up to the times

Got interested but have no time to read and learn? We can call you back and explain everything!

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