Link Profile Analysis

Link profile analysis is

compilation of a detailed list of external links of the site and their distribution by type, quality, other indicators and represents the following work:

  • Finding external links
  • Checking the relevance of links
  • Link quality analysis
  • Analysis of link types
  • Link time analysis
  • Reference budgeting
  • Finding reference problems
An important criterion in website promotion is the link mass of the site, i.e. what sites, in what quantity and how they link to you.

You need to know how the link competitors are doing - do they have more links, which ones, is it worth building up their own?

Understanding these numbers, their meanings, tracking them - will give results in the form of site growth in search, an increase in relevant traffic, and, as a result, an increase in sales!

What is included in the analysis of the link mass of the site?

link analysis


  • Collection of all external links from all sources - other sites, directories and social networks;
  • Counting the number - which sources, how many link to the site;
  • Distribution by types of links - anchor, bezanchor, social networks;
  • Determining the relevance of links - i.e. whether the source of the link matches the theme and message of the site. For example: a site about construction (donor) refers to a site about dental implants (acceptor) - the donor does not correspond to the subject of the acceptor, which harms the second. It is advisable to block such a link;
  • Analysis of competitors' links;
  • Building a reference plan and budget;

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How long does an external link audit take?

from 1 to 5 working days, it depends on the number of links, their types and sources, as well as the need in comparison with competitors.

How much does link profile analysis cost?

from 30 euros per site - the price of a site audit also depends on the quantity, as well as on the region of the site, i.e. in which country does the company operate!

Why Analyze Link Mass?

site audit result


  • You understand how many and what links you have
  • Do you understand how many competitors have them?
  • Do you understand what and in what quantity are still needed
  • and which ones need to be banned urgently
  • It becomes possible to predict the reference budget
  • and the ability to draw up a plan for link promotion of the site

Analysis of the link mass and work on building a link profile is about 50% of success in website promotion!

This service is offered as a one-time service, as well as in a complex of services for website promotion.

What else do you need?

  • Link mass - analysis of the link profile of the site, i.e. who, in what quality and quantity refers to the site;
  • Semantic core - a list of requests and their correct distribution on the site;
  • Competitor analysis - needed to understand why they are higher in the search and what needs to be done to get around them;
  • and checking site positions - understanding where the site is in the search, relative to competitors!

Search engine optimization is a complex of works - on the site and outside the site!

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