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Сбор ключевых слов

Semantic kernel is

List of key queries that are looking for your products and services to potential customers. Key words are taken from a number of sources, such as:

  • Google tips;
  • Google Ads – Keyword Planner;
  • Google Trends;
  • Yandex Wordstat;
  • Yandex tips;
  • Tools – Keycollector and the like;
  • And also various services such as Serpstat, Ahrefs and so forth.

Why do I need a semantic core (CR)?

  • It maximizes understand what and how customers are looking for
  • It allows you to properly distribute the requests page of the site
  • It allows us to understand what queries you have missed
  • It allows you to build queries competitors

Examples of CR and TK copywriter, you can see on the left.

What is included in the work on the collection of CR?

  • List of key queries, the maximum covering site;
  • Teh.zadanie copywriter to write the content and the proper distribution of requests for pages.

How much is the fee SMILING?

The cost of the semantic core – from 50 euros.

How much is CR?

While collecting semantic core – 3 days.

CR Price and time of collection of semantic core depend on the subject matter, such as the site and the number of goods and services.

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