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Что такое SEO? Что такое продвижение в поиске? Максимально краткое пояснение!

Website promotion is:

  • Conclusion TOP sites in Google issue, Yandex, Bing
  • Increased exploratory (natural) of search traffic
  • Increase in conversions and targeted action
  • Improving the content of the site
  • Increase in reference weight
  • Elimination of technical errors site
  • Improve the indexing of your site
  • Improving the convenience of the site – Usability
  • Recommendations to all involved in the life of the site

This and much more is a complex of works on the promotion and withdrawal site in the top of search results!

SEO and SEM – these are the two key concepts, and website promotion, displays it in the top, site promotion is still synonymous these 2 terms! So what’s the difference?

Going forward, the output of the top - SEO / SEM
Going forward, the output of the top - SEO / SEM
Going forward, the output of the top - SEO / SEM
Here is an example – you are engaged in furniture, ie produce kitchens, doors, closets, etc. If you want the person looking for the door in a search engine -. Google, Yandex, found you fast, ie on the first page in the first place, after he wrote “buy door”, then you need to promote the site in search engines about.

Your site – it is a resource of information in the first place and the search engine will be easier to find it than relevant and qualitative information on the website is – the higher your site.

To understand how much the site is ready to advance, you need to review:

  • Website – speed, text, images, etc .;
  • External indicators – links sots.setey, publications, etc .;
  • Market – both marketed and advertised your products and services;
  • Competitors – what, how and what competitors are doing;
  • Target audience – reach target customer profile;
SEO and SEM is recommended together, if you want your site was at the top for the keywords that this will give the maximum result – improvement of the site, its content, in the compartment raise the profile of site visits to give growth and, consequently, increase conversions from the site, ie increases the profitability of the site.

SEO stands for Searche Engine Optimization,

those. site optimization for search engines. Search engine, is any of the search engines – Google, Yandex, Bing, etc.

SEO is a set-up and content of the site according to the requirements and rules are put in front of the Google site, Yandex, Bing and others. Search engines. These rules can change over time, ie, SEO optimization is important not to stop!

SEM is Search Engine Marketing, ie, Search Engine Marketing Site

in order to improve the status of the website by increasing its authority, the number of users and their behavior.

This includes link building, content seeding, working with behavioral factors, the increase in social cues, to attract visitors from a variety of sources, and much more!

Positions of search

Height position of the site in the search results for keywords!


Increasing the target site visits by potential customers!

Customers and orders

Increasing the number of customers and orders!

How to optimize your site? What are the stages is SEO and SEM?

  • 1

    Internal site optimization or SEO OnPage

    a huge range of activities, it is a big part in SEO work because implies a work on the site itself, is made up of audits, analysts, working with site code and system, as well as the content of the Site!

  • 2

    Collect the key inquiries and expansion SMILING

    collect the most complete semantic core (CR) corresponding to your business is very important! Miss key questions (words) can not be! And also because it is necessary to properly allocate all requests to the correct pages.

  • 3

    Competitor Analysis - the ability to learn

    methods used competitors which keywords competitors are moving, how and what links they are helped to be in the top, whether they are engaged in social media and contextual advertising, and much more!

  • 4

    Working with links - internal, external

    Analysis of the reference weight is needed to understand which links and where the desired site, and what links are better to hide or delete, what resources should refer to the site, and with no need to obtain a reference.

  • 5

    Analysis and verification of site positions

    an analysis of the position of the site, ie, at what point is to find a site on any of the keys. It provides an understanding of what actions on and off-site led to an increase in vector positions and sets the next job!

  • 6

    Working with Site Analytics - Google Analytics

    Yandex metric maps heat necessary to put down the objective of promoting the site, to understand the behavior of users on the site, where passed, whether reached the target action.

How much is SEO?

The cost of website promotion starts from 100evro per month , but may vary depending on the size of the site and a list of work carried out.

How fast moving site?

3 months – the minimum term SEO website promotion. Term website promotion depends on many factors – competition, niches, the state of the site.

Whether the site audit is enough to return to the TOP?

Yes, but sometimes, do not forget about:

  • Referential mass – analysis of the reference profile of the site, ie, who, in what quantity and quality of links to a site;
  • Semantic kernel – the list of requests and their correct allocation to the site;
  • Competitor analysis – need to understand why they are higher in the search and what to do to avoid them;
  • and check position of the site – an understanding of what place the site in search, relative to its competitors!

Search engine promotion is a complex of works – on site and off-site!

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