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Introducing Product Comparison – the best comparison plugin for your online store! This multifunctional tool is designed to enhance your customer service quality, allowing easy comparison of products on your website.

Thanks to the "Product Comparison" feature, your users can open a convenient modal window to view and compare different products. The plugin also allows for automatic addition of new items to the comparison table, saving time and effort.

By integrating the product comparison feature into your online store, you can improve the overall user experience and increase sales efficiency, which ultimately leads to an increase in conversions and enhanced customer satisfaction.

Increase sales and attract more customers with the product comparison plugin!

By choosing our product comparison plugin for your online store (Woocommerce), you get incredible benefits that will make your business more attractive and competitive in the market.

With our plugin, your customers will be able to easily compare various products on your website, simplifying their decision-making and increasing overall satisfaction with their purchases.

We offer the freedom to choose between different styles for displaying links or buttons, along with the ability to customize the fields displayed for each product. You also have the option to enlarge the images, enhancing the visual appeal of the comparison table.

Importantly, the plugin allows you to restrict certain features to specific product categories, providing you with full control over the comparison process and optimizing the functionality of your store.

Provide convenience and functionality to your customers by selecting Product Comparison and you will see your Woocommerce online store become even more attractive and successful!

Advantages of Using the "Product Comparison" Plugin in an Online Store.

Full customization

Our plugin offers complete control over creating a unique and appealing comparison table with customizable display styles, product fields, and image sizes.

Intuitive interface

Our plugin is designed for ease and simplicity of use, allowing customers to quickly compare products, enhancing their satisfaction and encouraging repeat visits.

Optimized Performance

Our plugin operates efficiently, ensuring smooth and fast interaction with comparison tables, without impacting your site's performance.

Flexible settings

Our plugin allows you to restrict features by specific product categories, ensuring precise product comparisons tailored to your target audience.

Increased customer confidence

Our plugin ensures complete transparency and reliability in product comparison, enhancing trust in your store and encouraging repeat purchases.

Competitive advantage

Our plugin distinguishes your store, attracting customers and boosting sales thanks to its intuitive interface and attractive display.

Functionality of the Product Comparison plugin for online stores.

Modal window and adding a product:
  1. Opening a comparison table in a modal window
  2. The ability to automatically open a modal window when adding a new product.
  3. Adding a product to the comparison table from the product detail page and/or product page.
  4. Two display styles: link or button.
Selection and setting:
  1. Select product fields to include in the comparison table.
  2. Ability to add “Price” and “Add to Cart” fields to the end of the table.
  3. Setting the size of product images in the comparison table.
  4. Ability to display a comparison table on the store page.
  5. Opens a modal window only after adding at least two products to compare.
  6. Sorting products in the comparison table by category.
  7. Limiting plugin functionality to certain product categories only.
  8. Adding an image to the top of the comparison table.
  9. Style settings.
Dynamic comparison and detailed product information:
  1. Product image in comparison widget.
  2. Comparison fields become dynamic: attribute fields will be displayed if they are specified for at least one of the products being compared. Otherwise they will be hidden.
  3. Compare products even by custom attributes created within the product.
  4. Displaying the product article in the comparison table.
Exchange and interaction:
  1. The function will share the Compare page on the most famous social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest or email).
  2. The ability to show in the slider all products that have a common tag and/or category with products in the comparison table.
Additional widgets and shortcodes:
  1. Creating a dynamically generated shortcode that shows a comparison table of specific store products.
  2. A widget that shows a complete list of products added to the comparison tab.
  3. Widget and shortcode for displaying a counter of products added to the comparison table (New).
Table display and constraints:
  1. Ability to select the number of fixed columns on the comparison tab.
  2. Ability to limit the number of products that can be added to the comparison table.

The "DITS Product Comparison" plugin provides a convenient tool for comparing products in your online store. With its help, your customers can easily compare the characteristics of different products, which will assist them in making more informed purchasing decisions.

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