email matketing

Email marketing is a direction of Internet marketing for building and warming up leads, building long-term relationships with consumers and partners, and increasing repeat sales.

Email is a centralized channel. Once we have an address, we can use it in any mail platform and program. The email address is the user ID. Messengers are tied to this identifier.

Goals of Email Marketing

Email Marketing 1
  • Increasing brand awareness;
  • Increasing sales;
  • Building trusting relationships with clients;
  • Increase in traffic;
  • Automation of routine tasks.

Despite the popularity of social media today, email marketing remains an important channel for communication. First of all, emails are more personalized and segmented according to the audience, which of course attracts and hooks the client. In addition, email marketing requires less financial outlay than other platforms.

Email marketing allows your business to:

Email marketing 2

Effectively interact with your customers and target audience



Email marketing 3

Keep customer database up to date

Email marketing 4

Build long-term relationships with the client

Email marketing 5

Find the target audience if you are on the initial path of business development

Email marketing 6

Expand awareness of your brand

Email marketing 7

Find new B2B partners


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According to official data approximately 4.5 billion email users around the world. This number is likely to grow to 4.6 billion in 2025. This means that among the 4.5 billion, your target audience is exactly where we can convey the necessary information about the brand, product, product or service.


A high level of brand loyalty allows the company to generate sustainable revenues



Increase targeted site visits by potential customers!


Allows you to find exactly your target audience


Email marketing of own clients around the world

For us, the lack of contact email addresses is not a problem. We use our own customer base for each type of business, segment, match with customers and perform cold mailing. All emails are verified, active and working

Email marketing for a warm client base

It's great if you have your own customer base - this means that the first mailing will be more effective, because. the client is already familiar with your brand and has had experience of working with you. If the base is not significant at all, we will set up tools for collecting a customer base on your site. 

Email marketing for a cold customer base

Email marketing 2

Sending emails once a week

It is recommended to send letters, no more than 1 time per week, but at least 1 time per month. We select a strategy for the share of each client individually, depending on the goals and type of activity


Email marketing 3

Search for email addresses in a ready-made database

We search for email addresses according to your target audience. We collect only verified verified contacts.

Email marketing 4

Preparing letters for mailing

We are preparing a series of trigger letters for distribution: selling, informational, involving, and agreed with the client. We do not have template letters, each client has an individual approach.

Email marketing 5

Strategy Analysis

Analysis of the email marketing strategy is in progress

Email marketing 6

Email bypasses anti-spam filters

Our letters get exactly to the client, and not to spam. Even if you do not have a large customer base, sending emails manually is not the best idea. It takes too much time, it's easy to forget about the next email, and the emails are more likely to end up in spam.

Email marketing 7

Working with site analytics - Google Analytics

We work with the results of analytics, make tracking tags, make suggestions on the effectiveness of the site, if necessary

How long will an email take?


How long does it take to start mailing?

Up to 14 days, to study the target audience, prepare the database, check the validity of the email, prepare the strategy, launch the advertising campaign. 

How long does it take for the first results?

At the initial stage, after the launch, we analyze the advertising company daily. We guarantee at least 50% readings of letters, from 10-25% following links in the letter. It is worth noting that our letters do not end up in spam.

How much does email marketing cost?

We also select individual offers depending on your budget and wishes. 

* Prices are for the CIS market. May differ for Europe and USA!

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